Customisation by you

Each of our products is completely customisable, from its height, width and depth, to a large range of colours and materials. Try it out below.

  • Set your dimensions
  • Height – anywhere from 25 – 240cm
  • Width – anywhere from 70 – 210cm
  • Depth – select from ranges between 25 - 55cm

  • Select your configuration
  • Place drawers, doors, cable ports and shelves as and where you want.

  • Select your materials
  • Handles, legs, front, body and top materials can all be set.

  • Panel options include birch ply with exposed edges, real wood veneer with matching edges and edge banded melamine. All of our options come in a range of stunning colours.

Try it yourself

“This is game changing. It's so much easier to get custom furniture that suits your life.”

Award winning, Auckland Architect
Truly customised

Create the perfect furniture to fit your lifestyle, home, style and budget

Each of our products is completely customisable, from its height, width and depth to the materials, colours and fixtures. There are over 2 billion possible designs you can make with our customisers. Unleash your inner creator and design your own furniture and fittings to match your unique character and life. Because with Consilio creations, everything is Made for You. Try it out below.


3-5 weeks from idea to in-home installation

No more emailing back and forth with designers, just to get an unaffordable quote and a generic design. Our system is designed to ensure critical structural and design features, while empowering you to let your creativity go. Our customisers show you your design, in real time, and with live pricing you can instantly see what each change and feature will cost. Once you've confirmed your purchase, your unit will begin the manufacturing process within days, and be delivered to your house, typically within 3-5 weeks. Then you can put your feet up and live your life.


Fast Fashion in furniture is creating a waste disaster

Fast Furniture 2 year life
Consilio Creations 10-30 year life
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Commercial Enquires

We provide a range of options for developers, architects and interior decorators. Involving your clients in the design process increases both engagement and satisfaction.
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