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Empowering your clients and increasing satisfaction

To ensure our amazing Consilio Creators reach as many people as possible, we have developed a dedicated industry offering. Put patform is available, and completely free, to Architects, Decorators, Designers, Developers and other industry professionals to leverage.

Consilio Creations' Industry Portal allows you to collaborate with clients to create unique furniture and fittings, perfect for the clients space.

Setting the limitations on a design (set dimension parameters (width, height, depth), panel and colour options, fittings and features) and then let your client unleash their creativity within these limitations.

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“Client involvement is the key to success.”

Michael Hyatt - Michael Hyatt & Company
The Industry Portal

Set Your Client's Creativity Free

Maximising client involvement without blowing budgets or missing deadlines can be challenging. But as we all know, client engagement is critical to the long term success of any design project. The key is to channel that involvement into the areas that it is best suited. Wardrobes, storage, laundries, vanities, dividers and furniture are the aspects of our homes that we engage with every day but are typically given less importance by professionals.

The Consilio Creations Industry Portal allows you to increase client involvement in areas that are typically less impactful, but no less important. You set the parameters of a design, dimensions (width, height, depth ranges or fixed), panel types and colour options, fittings and features, and then let your client let their creativity free within these boundaries.


Living Your Way

The savings made in both time and money by using Consilio Creations can be invested elsewhere in a project, ensuring maximum impact and ROI for the client.

Client Involvement

Increase Client Engagement

Numerous studies have shown that client involvement is critical for high engagement and satisfaction. The risk is that this can be both time consuming and often requires a level of upskilling so that they can understand your decision process.

Through the use of our platform, you can increase their involvement and focus it. By setting the parameters, selecting the design style and other perameters you retain consistent colours, materials and general aesthetics, while enabling the client to express themselves, and ensure the best fit for their life.

Our steps to creating customisation

1. You create a project, assign billing types, delivery dates, clients, etc.
2. You choose your customiser, set the dimension ranges, materials and fittings. Then assign it to a project and a client
3. You send the client a link. They can then customise the design, within the parameters that you set.
4. You confirm the design. Then billing, delivery settings etc. follow the project settings.
5. We manufacture the items and deliver them within 3 weeks (or whenever specified for the project).
6. Items are delivered and installed.

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