Our Mission

Consilio - meaning: intentionally, on purpose, designedly

Consilio is a New Zealand, family-owned company, committed to helping everyday Kiwis create designer shelves and furniture for their homes. 

Founded by Aucklander Kelly Withers, Consilio is the result of Kelly’s drive to ‘democratise’ services through technology solutions. A professional technology specialist, Kelly leverages digital tools to solve problems – creating services that come at a lower cost and are accessible to all, without compromising on quality.

Inspired by this father, Russell Withers, recognised as one of the most influential New Zealand architects of the 20th Century, Kelly was always keen to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career path in architecture and design.

A conversation with a friend, who makes high-end, bespoke furniture, in between lockdowns in 2020, sparked the idea for a business. His friend explained how many Kiwis can’t afford the prices that skilled furniture makers like him charge, due to the hand-crafting processes he’d spent so long perfecting.

Kelly thought about how he could apply technology to solve the problem – reducing labour to keep costs down, and streamlining the design process to make it more accessable, so he set out to create an online platform that gives Kiwis the tools and freedom to design their very own quality furniture.

We at Consilio Creations value and appreciate beautiful, stylish décor that adds a new dimension and sense of sophistication to your home and are delighted to be on your design journey with you. Our mission is to democratise quality design. Everyone should be able to afford home furnishings that speak to who they are and that maximise the experience of their home.

Be inspired by our Customisers and create your own special piece that perfectly fits your personality, home, and life.