We’re committed to doing better.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

People, Planet, and Prosperity.

The concept of the triple bottom line has been around since the early '90s and like many trends from that era, it's making a comeback.

At Consilio Creations, our triple bottom line approach ensures that everything we do is centred around three core areas: People, Planet, and Prosperity.





Our Commitment to People

Sense of Community

We're committed to removing barriers, helping people create their ideal living spaces, and fostering a sense of community through our partner program and industry offerings.

Studies show that when we feel a sense of ownership and representation in our surroundings, our agency, mental health, happiness, and openness all increase significantly.

Consilio Creations empowers people to take back their surroundings and live in spaces that are true to them.

Our Dedication to Prosperity

Here for the Long Term

Our dedication to Prosperity means that we are here for the long term, and we want our products to be as well.

We use quality materials and hardware, ensuring that like you, your creations will age gracefully, and stand the test of time.

Our right to repair and second life programs ensure that if your creation is damaged or your circumstances change, your creation will maximise its lifetime and minimise its impact.

Our partnership programs and industry offering means as many people can get access to our Creators as possible. Sharing the love and making sure that we all benefit from this market leading technology.

Dedication to the Planet

Good for you and the Planet.

But it's our dedication to Planet that is even more tangible. Waste from the furniture and fittings industry has reached truly astounding proportions. Fast furniture is a real problem, with cheap but low-quality furniture that breaks in just a few years, flooding the market, and all-too-soon, our landfills.

Other issues include wastage from unsold stock, chemicals used in materials, and poorly sourced materials. There's also packaging, inefficient logistics (most of what gets shipped with your furniture is air!), and inefficient sales channels (huge warehouses full of the same old items).

We're doing what we can to minimise our footprint, while ensuring that we maximise the life time of our creations.

We're tackling these issues head-on, recognising that we're on a journey to do better.

Kelly - Founder of Consilio Creations

Our first steps are five fold;

Furniture that lasts
As we keep saying, we’ve streamlined the design and manufacturing process to reduce the costs associated with custom furniture and fittings. What we have not done is lowered our stance on quality materials, fittings, and design. Our units are built to las
The right to repair
The French get a lot right, delicious food, sumptuous wine, timeless style, and a lifestyle that accentuates the pleasures in life. But one of the things we like the most, is their ‘right to repair’ legislation. In fact, we think NZ could do with somethin
Groundbreaking second life program

We're so sure that our units will stand the test of time, that if your circumstances change and you no longer have space or need for your Consilio Creation, we'll take it off your hands. This means sending someone to you to collect the unit and bring it back to our warehouse. Where possible, we will repair and renew the unit, making it available to new people and entities. Where we decide its life is done, we'll salvage what we can, and dispose of the rest is as sustainable a way as is available in that area.

This is how we minimise the materials used, and waste created by our Consilio Creations.

Flat pack shipping

Flat pack shipping but with quality, simple fittings – up to 90% of what’s getting trucked around with our competitor’s furniture is air. That’s bad when it’s a truck, but even worse when it’s shipped all the way from Asia or Europe. That’s just wasteful. Consilio creations are made in NZ, and shipped flat pack, which minimises wasted space. However, as with everything we do, we have our eye on making things easy and simple. So, we’ve used integrated cams that area already inserted. All you have to do is line up the parts and screw them in. Simple, easy, and quick, but strong enough to take 45kg each!

eCommerce & made-to-order

Being an online store, our sales are done entirely online. This saves having stores, with elaborate lighting, air conditioning, people, and parking etc. Our display spaces are shared, minimising our environmental impact. 
Moreover, each and every unit we sell (outside of our second life program) is made to order. This means no stock laying around waiting for a home, no wastage from unsold stock, and maximum efficiency of materials and resources used.


Over 90% of what’s transported for most cabinetry is air. This wastes huge amounts of fuel in transport.

Typical furniture shipped volume
Consilio Creations shipped volume
Our Next Priorities

Mushroom packaging that naturally reverts to soil nutrients within 45 days in a home compost, recycled and efficient cardboard boxing, and corner protection and natural packing foam are just some of the areas we are exploring. Unfortunately most of these require significant volumes to justify the set up expense so we are waiting until sales volumes reach a threshold before we hit go on these.

Our revolutionary system means that we can utilise any manufacturer with compatible systems. This means that when possible, we will manufacture near you, minimising miles and delays.

The downside of custom measurements is a drop in efficient use of raw panels. We're maximising our usage and minimising wastage by finding other uses for the off cuts. From samples, to artwork, to childrens toys, the options are endless. We're looking forward to utilising our partner program to explore new and innovative ways of utilising off cuts.

Our culture of constant improvement means we're always on the hunt for new materials, hardware, and processes that maximise life and utility, while minimising impact. From using sustainably harvested native timbers to environmentally friendly glues and adhesives, we're exploring several areas of improvement.