Press Release

Consilio Creations Launches Revolutionary Customisable Furniture Platform
Consilio Creations is delighted to announce the launch of its customisable furniture platform, which enables users to easily select, visualise, price, and order furniture to their chosen dimensions, finish, fittings, and configuration.
With over 2 billion possible designs, Consilio Creations provides a platform for users to unleash their creativity and design their own furniture and fittings that match their unique character and life. The platform offers a visually appealing, real-time render of your furniture design, with live pricing, enabling you to instantly see what each change and feature will cost.
Unlike other furniture platforms, Consilio Creations is designed to ensure critical structural and design features are taken care of, while giving users the freedom to design furniture that suits their lifestyle, home, style, and budget. The platform is user-friendly, with each product completely customisable, from its height, width, and depth to the materials, colours, and fixtures.
Consilio Creations' system is the solution to how our competitors work, emailing back and forth with designers to get an unaffordable quote and a generic design. The revolutionary platform empowers users to customize the furniture and fittings to fit into the unique spaces in your home or workspace by choosing the material, colour, size, and functionality that best suits their taste and budget.
Using cutting-edge technology, machine cuts, and hand-finished care, we ship finsihed pieces directly to your home within 3-5 weeks. The platform is perfect for individuals wanting to make their house and home.
Our industrial portal, suitable for developers, architects, and interior decorators, allows you to involve your clients in the design process, setting the overall design perameters and allowign them to customise within them. Such involvement is shown to hugely increase engagement and satisfaction in the end result.
Consilio Creations is the ultimate solution to customised furniture, providing a unique and personalised experience. Register your interest today at [email protected] and we will notify you when Consilio Creations is available in your area.
The furniture elegabtly designed, crafted with precision, and made for you.